Southern New Jersey Development Council’s (SNJDC) committees provide an active forum for our members to participate directly in their field of expertise or interest.

Committees produce objectives, follow through on development projects, and demonstrate new ideas. Please do not hesitate to request inclusion in any committee you have a professional or personal interest in.

To learn more, follow the link to your committee of interest.

Join a Committee

Officers Committee

As the main administrative arm for the SNJDC, our Officers Committee is comprised of 6 individuals of long-standing and active participation. Each with a specific office, they oversee general SNJDC business and Committee activity.

The Officers Committee reports to the Board of Trustees, the SNJDC controlling interest, when necessary and proper. Officers Committee members are voted in by the Board of Trustees and serve a two year term.

Economic Development

This committee promotes the projects and programs designed to stimulate economic growth in South Jersey.  The committee brings together policymakers, communities and business leaders to foster investment and growth.


Through a partnership with business, education and government, this committee works to ensure that the appropriate facilities and programs are in place to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The committee will address the issues facing the new digital economy and supports the expansion of the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University.

Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment Committee works with council members, businesses and state, local and federal government officials to address the energy demand of South Jersey, as well as environmental issues concerning the well being of the region.

The committee evaluates the environmental impact on South Jersey as a result of economic development projects. In addition, the committee responds to current and pending legislation and regulation on state and federal levels and works closely with New Jersey’s utilities and relevant policy makers and regulators to balance and unite energy concerns with environmental concerns.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee offers a regular forum for South Jersey legislators, public policy officials and key business leaders to foster dialogue, share information and advocate initiatives that encourage economic opportunity.

Meetings are held to discuss regulatory, budgetary and legislative issues that impact South Jersey business and economic development as well as to strengthen relationships between the business community and local, state and federal government officials.

Health Care

The Health Care Committee considers a broad range of issues facing businesses relating to access and affordability of health care services in the South Jersey region. The committee works to educate and assist members to comply with the Affordable Care Act, control health care costs while maintaining exceptional healthcare quality for employees, and promote health and wellness initiatives.

Marketing and Membership

Marketing and Membership Committee members work on developing and maintaining a healthy membership base for the Southern New Jersey Development Council. The Committee provides networking opportunities by hosting Open House Receptions and the Annual Day on the Delaware boat trip.

Committee members personally connect with potential new members and also focus on membership retention.  The committee members serve as “ambassadors” at all SNJDC events and assist new members in their orientation to the organization.


Transportation and Aviation

This Committee provides a forum for regional aviation and transportation issues including: the operation and enhancement of the multi-modal transportation system covering highway, transit, ports, waterways, and freight; county and municipal airports, the William J. Hughes Technical Center, aeronautics and aviation; as well as local, state and federal programs impacting the Southern New Jersey region. The Committee works with state, authority, and county planning departments in determining and promoting transportation infrastructure projects for South Jersey. Issues tend to be broad based and multi-modal in nature.