Atlantic Electric Unveils Phase Two Plan For Stone Harbor Borough Council

Phase two of the utility’s infrastructure project was the subject of a presentation by Atlantic City Electric representatives at the Sept. 5 Stone Harbor Borough Council meeting.

The utility is preparing to upgrade the island’s distribution system, that portion of the electrical system that distributes power to homes and businesses. This time utility representatives have a plan they hope will not spark any of the controversies that resulted from the phase one installations.

This plan calls for two main distribution system lines running north and south from the 60th Street, Avalon, substation. The one moving north, labeled the Avalon Ocean Feeder, will have construction begin in October and run through December 2017.

The south line, called the Hereford Feeder, will be constructed between February 2018 and May 2018, with the utility promising it will complete the work before the start of next summer.

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