Businesses and Higher Education Working Together in Gloucester County

Gloucester County is coming together to create New Jersey’s first bundled education program centered around job training.

“Not everyone is going to come out of high school and go to college,” said Les Vail, President and CEO of Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce. “They may go into a job, but they need training, they need certifications.”

So, the Chamber and state organizations have teamed up with Rowan University and Rowan College at Gloucester County to make it happen with the new Work & Learn Consortium.

“What that is is a series of stackable credentials,” said Michael Plagianakos, Dean of University Relations at Rowan College at Gloucester County. “So, we start with a certificate or a certification at the first year. We tie that into an associate’s degree in the second year. We tie that into another certificate in the third year. And then we tie that into a bachelor’s degree in the fourth year.”

They want to create a trained workforce for Gloucester County by focusing on seven needed labor areas.

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