Camden County College establishes path for nontraditional and lower income students

For a good number of students, four-year private universities are not within their financial reach, yet they still have a dire need for additional education and training.

Camden County College President Donald Borden is keenly aware of what’s at stake for students who can’t attain education after high school. “If students don’t get a post-secondary education we’re sentencing them to poverty,” Borden said. “[For] many minority students, to incarceration.”

Borden was appointed as Camden County College’s fifth president last year by the college’s board of trustees and took over the position in July. He inherited a five-year low in enrollment and massive turnover of key faculty positions as many professors aged into retirement or moved to other institutions. However, he saw the school’s circumstances as an opportunity.

Camden County College draws many students who are low income or nontraditional, returning to school to increase their education or who hold part-time jobs.

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