Coal-Fired B.L. England Power Plant To Stay in Service Another 2 Years

B.L. England is not shutting down anytime soon – again. The power plant in Beesleys Point, scheduled to close next month, will continue to operate under a directive from PJM Interconnection, the operator of the nation’s largest power grid.

PJM wants the remaining units at the plant to keep running for another two years while transmission upgrades now underway are completed to maintain the reliability of the power grid. That work is not expected to be finished until 2019, according to PJM.

As required, RC Cape May Holdings, LLC, the owner of B.L. England, filed a deactivation notice with PJM late last year. Under a so-called Reliability Must Run order, the owner of a power plant will receive extra payments to keep the units active and available to run.

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