How stakeholders hope creativity will mean a safer, more prosperous Camden

With big public and private projects underway in Camden, there’s a lot of talk about the city’s turnaround. But there is work to be done.

A group of over 150 people are rolling up their sleeves this week to figure out what needs to happen for a safer, more prosperous Camden — and how they can make it happen.

The event, billed as “The Creative Camden Call to Collaboration,” is a meeting of the minds to brainstorm creative solutions to the problems facing the city. It’s one of many events that are put on by Creative New Jersey. The initiative aims to help communities foster creativity, innovation and sustainability by encouraging civic engagement and bringing various stakeholders together.

The event Thursday in the Rutgers University-Camden Campus Center will focus on answering one question: “As our city evolves, how can all of us who live and work in Camden, collaborate to leverage our assets, ensure accountability for all, fuel economic opportunities for residents, and strengthen our neighborhoods in order to create a safer, prosperous Camden for all?”

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