Economic Development

Acting as the Unified Voice for South Jersey, SNJDC is charged with promoting responsible economic development in South Jersey.

The organization has built relationships with the top decision-makers in South Jersey, state legislators, members of the governor’s cabinet, and with our federal representatives. The Southern New Jersey Development Council actively promotes initiatives and legislation that increase economic opportunity in South Jersey and improves a certain quality of life that has always been expected in this region and supports project-specific activities that will create a positive impact to the region.

Those projects range in scope from small-scale façade programs affecting a single municipality to large-scale transit operations that shape the entire region. The large and influential organizations that the Development Council represents (including the eight southern-most counties in New Jersey, the region’s top universities and colleges, utilities, casinos, private firms, labor groups, municipalities and state authorities) have come together under one common goal. Through collaborative efforts, the SNJDC mobilizes the South Jersey business community behind objectives that are beneficial to the entire region.

In South Jersey, as is true throughout the country, transportation infrastructure is key to economic success. Efficient, effective and safe roadways, highways, freight and passenger rail, air and port facilities are a must. In our efforts to enable South Jersey’s prosperity, mass transit is always a top priority.

The need for tourism dollars in New Jersey is also an ever-present issue. As the world, country and state economies ebb, support for this sector becomes even more pressing. To ensure long-term survivability, effective marketing, promotion and state and local assistance are required.

To avoid the Garden State’s steady loss of its gardens, green pastures and natural beauty, the need for preservation of what we now have left becomes all the more pressing.

Our state includes some of the most beautiful beaches, rivers and streams, foothills and unique pinelands in the country. Letting them disappear is not only a shame, it is irresponsible. Preserving what nature New Jersey has is a tenet of this Council.

The SNJDC is very familiar with the complexity of our local and regional economy.  Private and public entities, large corporations and small businesses, individuals and communities – they are all elements of our economic system and coexist in a delicate balance.  The Development Council is constantly watchful of that balance to ensure the long-term, overall health of the South Jersey economy.