Pinelands school officials considering whether to close high school for construction next year

No decision has been made yet on what to do with Pinelands Regional High School next year as the district will embark on another phase of its multi-year, $53 million rehabilitation project.

Acting Superintendent Cheryl Stevenson said Tuesday that all options, including closing the school for the 2018-19 school year, are still on the table.

Pinelands Regional High School recently closed for three months after concerns arose about student exposure from the roof rehabilitation project. Students were put on a split-session schedule at the junior high school from October through January.

Last month, contractors Brooks Garrison of Garrison Architects and Chuck Romanoli of New Road Construction presented options to the Board of Education for the second phase of the project. One of the options was to use trailers located next to the school while the building was closed in portions for construction. Another consideration is split schedules.


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