Plans Revealed for Seaport Pier

Local, regional, and national draw compose the scope of BG Capital’s plan for the city’s Seaport Pier. Located on the Boardwalk at 22nd Avenue, Seaport Pier has been vacant, a phantom shape of wood and concrete amid Boardwalk spectacles; however, if the plan passes the city Planning Board, life will resurrect at Seaport, offering resort-style amenities.

“Overall concept for development is to create a regional and tourist entertainment venue,” explained Project Manager Joseph Byrne. Byrne, of Philadelphia-based JB Richards Construction LLC, emphasized the unique value the venue will bring to North Wildwood.

With a swim club, restaurant, upscale coffee bar, and bike parking, Seaport Pier is designed to “elongate” the tourist season.

“We could be open 24/7, 365,” Byrne added. Insulation, required by law and state standards, will meet requirements as well as actual construction.

According to Byrne, the team creating the destination is comprised of an interior designer and architect, Peter Porretta from Lighthouse Architecture, committed to the project. Byrne stressed the fact of offering activities different from, and not competing with, retail vendors and other amusement piers along the boards.

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